Lost Creek Ranch - Oil On Canvas - 8 x 10 Out Of The Shadow - Oil On Panel - 16 x 12 - Trailside Gallery Chance Encounter - Elk - 2009 - Oil On Canvas - 11x14 Elk is one of the largest species of deer in the world, and one of the largest mammaals in North America, just behind the moose.  This elk was just as surprised and curious about me as I was about him.  We studied each other for some time, before the Elk turned and walked away. White Flag - Whitetail Deer - 1978 - Oil On Panel - 25x18 The Whitetail dear are able to survive in a variety of habitats, from the big woods of northern Maine to the deep saw grass and hammock swamps of Florida.  They are also found east of the Rocky Mountains, with habitat including farmlands, brushy areas, and desolate areas with cactus and thornbrush deserts.  Ideal whitetail dear habitat would contain dense thickets (in which to hide and move about) and edges (which furnish food). Works Available for Purchase White Flag - Whitetail Deer